Millennial Tech Middle School

Dress Code

MTM Dress Code:

All students are expected to wear clothes that are neat in appearance and appropriate for school, showing respect for themselves and their classmates. Students are expected to use good judgment, safety, good taste, and modesty regarding their dress and grooming. Teachers and administrators reserve the right to address issues with respect to clothes considered to be disruptive to the educational process or inappropriate for school. Students arriving at school in violation of the MTM dress code will be sent to the office. When ALL students dress appropriately, it promotes school spirit, positive attitudes, and above all safety. The dress code guidelines must be followed by all MTM students and are listed here.

  • Garments, backpacks, and other accessories MUST NOT display:

o Drug, alcohol, and/or tobacco related messages;

o Racial, ethnic, homophobic, and/or sexist slurs;

o Words or pictures that negatively represent any gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

o Any type of writing that is not academic and/or similar to fonts used in graffiti;

o Gang-related symbols and/or insignias, images depicting violence/weapons; and

o Vulgar gestures, profane, sexually suggestive, obscene language, and/or pictures.

  • The following garments and accessories are NOT allowed:

o Sweat pants, Basketball shorts, Pajamas and/or pajama bottoms, sleepwear, slippers and blankets;

o Leggings, Yoga Pants, and "Jeggings";

o Midriff and/or half shirts, crop, halter, off-the-shoulder shirts; strapless shirts and/or tube tops; tanks top with straps less than 1-inch wide; clothing with spaghetti straps; muscle shirts; sleeveless tops must be 2 inches wide at the shoulders;

o Racer-back tank tops less than 4-inches wide in the back and/or far from the armpits;

o Clothes that do not cover the midriff/belly area of the body or that exposes the torso (shirts must touch the top of the pants);

o Clothing with necklines lower than one inch above cleavage;

o Excessively short skirts, pencil skirts, shorts, and/or dresses (Skirts should be mid- thigh, closer to the knee than the hip, and shorts must be no more than 2-inches above the knee)

o Hats, hoods, knit gloves/mittens, and/or sunglasses while indoors;

o Large loop earrings and/or jewelry, spikes, pins, chains, etc., that may be used to injure others;

o Distinctive modes of dress representing gang affiliation, and gang-related behavior (throwing signs);

o Items hanging out of clothing, such as bandanas, scarves, electronics, wires, etc.;

o Hair nets, do-rags, bandanas, chains, and sweatbands;

o Pants that sag or are more than 2-3 inches larger than the student's waist;

o Clothing that exposes undergarments (extra clothing, such as t-shirts, must be put away in backpack); and leggings (unless covered by a skirt or shorts that follow the school dress code);

o Sandals, flip flops type shoes, high heels, open toe shoes, moccasins," heelies" (shoes with skates);

o Writing on the body (student will be sent to school nurse to wash)

  • Consequences:

o First Offense: Warning. The student will be asked to change for the school day.

o Second Offense: Parent Contact. The student will be asked to call a parent and change for the school day.

o Third Offense: Afterschool Detention. The student will be asked to change and will be assigned Afterschool Detention.

o Fourth Offense: Parent Conference. The parent will be asked to come to school to discuss the issue and possible solutions. Afterschool Detention will be assigned. Possible Suspension.

**This policy is subject to change and/or updated at the administrator's discretion in order to enhance the educational environment.

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